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Classification and maintenance of roller bearings

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Everyone knows that roller skating bearings can be said to be the easiest place to replace roller skating shoes, except for the consumption of wheels: then this time I will mainly talk about the classification and maintenance of bearings, so that you can better select and operate when replacing or maintaining! Then please continue to read it: it will definitely make you knowledgeable.
Classification of bearings: According to different classification angles, the general classification method is different, but the essence is the same. For example, according to the material: rubber-covered bearings (dust-proof, more silent), metal-covered bearings (fast speed, more noise); by function Points: flat flower bearings, speed skating bearings and street brush bearings, etc.; I hope to choose according to my needs, not to mention that it is unrealistic to want all the functions: you can't have both fish and bear paws.
Secondly, when you are repairing, you must first understand the bearing structure and installation and unloading: the bearing is installed on the wheel, and a metal ring called a flying saucer is usually sandwiched in the middle. Therefore, two bearings on a wheel are generally passed during unloading. The wrench is pushed out against the steel ring, and never against other parts to avoid damage.
Thirdly, bearings generally have balls in them, but the number is different. You can disassemble them better after you understand them. Don’t do it, the other is lubricating oil and cleaning oil: generally they are sold online, you must be specific You know where to buy. These are all dedicated. Of course, you can also go to the gas station to buy a small bottle, which is not sold by ordinary people.
The next step is to disassemble: some are detachable and some are not: how to distinguish: there is an O-ring on the outer cover of the bearing, which can be removed, generally it can be removed, only a few can not, and then use tweezers or needles Pick it out and remember to find a place to put it in order: then unload it as much as possible, shake it vigorously in a small bottle, and soak it for an afternoon. If your bearing does not want to be disassembled or cannot be disassembled, you can only put the bottle to slide and soak it.
When the time is almost the same, you need to install it: firstly, the balls must be installed as they are, not to lose them, and secondly, to put the lubricating oil. Remember if you have a ceramic bearing, do not put too much or a small amount All are ok, then put the outer cover, the direction must be correct, and then use a hair dryer to dry it, but after all, it is removed, some bearings may make noise, but this is normal and does not affect the use. . People with obsessive-compulsive disorder should not just take it down.

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