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What is an eccentric bearing?

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The eccentric bearings is a useful type of bearing trumpet. It mainly includes outer ring, inner ring, roller basket, roller body, and eccentric bearings. The structure is simple and easy to use. The eccentric function can be realized without the eccentric shaft, which greatly simplifies the eccentric mechanism and saves labor and labor in the processing of the eccentric mechanism. It is easy to assemble and reduces the manufacturing cost of the eccentric mechanism.
Features of eccentric bearings
The inner hole of the inner ring is strange, and there is a longitudinal keyway on the inner wall of the odd hole.
Classification of eccentric bearings
One is a double-layer double-row tapered roller eccentric bearing. One of the cylindrical rollers is a single-layer raceway small clearance or negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing, which is mainly installed on both sides of the plate cylinder and the imprinting lithography cylinder; the other is a double-layer raceway belt with internal and external eccentric negative Clearance cylindrical roller bearing units are installed on both sides of the printer roller. Due to its unique structure, compared with traditional rolling bearings, hollow cylindrical roller bearings have strong shock absorption, long precision life and overload protection.
Application of eccentric bearing
Reducer, petrochemical, textile, metallurgy, mining, steel plant, etc.

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