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Symptoms, Causes, And Detection Of Automobile Rear Wheel bearings Damage

wallpapers News 2020-11-11

With the development of the times, there are more and more people driving, and bearings are also important parts of automobiles, such as the use of bearings on automobile wheels and engines. Driving will not necessarily understand the damage symptoms of parts.

The abnormal noise is the central performance of the broken rear wheel bearings of the car. To determine whether the rear wheel bearings of the vehicle is broken, you can slide the car in the neutral state after speeding up. If the buzzing sound does not change, then the rear wheel bearings is broken. If it is broken, it will generate a lot of heat. After driving the car for some time, you can park it on the side of the road and touch the hub axle with your hand. Another point is that when the speed of the car is faster, you can feel the beautiful vibration of the sole.

The leading causes of damage to the rear wheel bearings of automobiles are several:

The parts are damaged and rusty. The entry of foreign objects or the deflection of the escalator will cause damage. The acidic liquid and moisture remaining for a long time will also cause the parts to rust.

Poor lubrication. If there is not enough lubricating grease between the roller body and the raceway, the two will produce dry friction, which will create an abnormal noise of metal friction.

The problem of distance. There is a proper gap between the components and parts of the car, and when the distance between the roller body and the roller table is small, it is easy to friction and heat, causing bearings sintering.

The testing of automobile wheel bearings is not complicated.

The first step is to lift the cars with a lift, suspend the wheels and release the handbrake;

The second step, when detecting non-driving wheels, you can manually turn the wheels from slow to fast to check whether there is noise in the bearings;

In the third step, when detecting the driving wheels, the vehicle is started to let the wheels spin, and the bearings are checked for additional noise.

There is also a particular situation that needs attention. Some bearings failures cannot be heard only by tires running idle. The car must be placed on the ground, and the bearings must be under pressure to make accurate judgments.

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