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Application of ferrosilicon nitride in the field of refractory materials

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Ferrosilicon nitride is made of Si3N4 as the main component, accompanied by a mixture of free iron, non-silicon nitride and a small number of other members. Ferrosilicon nitride for refractory materials is an off-white (or brown) powder.
Application in refractory materials

①Al2O3-SiC-C refractory material

Ferrosilicon nitride is widely used in Al2O3-SiC-C gun clay, iron hook material and refractory bricks. Most commonly used in blast furnace mud in developed countries, the shot mud's plug opening performance has been significantly improved, meeting the needs of blast furnace tapping and becoming an indispensable part of modern large blast furnace shot ground.

②Fe-Si3N4-SiC composite material

Si3N4-SiC material has good physical and chemical properties, especially high-temperature properties. It is widely used in high-temperature fields such as blast furnaces and aluminum electrolytic cells and has good results. Compared with pure silicon nitride, ferrosilicon nitride has better sintering properties and can be used as a high-temperature bonding phase. Fe-Si3N4-SiC composite material contains high-temperature reinforcement phase SiC and silicon nitride. It includes the metal-plastic stage (Fe, FeSi or Fe3Si), improving the material's thermal shock resistance and has good application prospects in the high-temperature field.

③Other refractory materials

Ferrosilicon nitride contains high-temperature reinforced phase silicon nitride and metallic plastic phase Fe. It has good high-temperature performance, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance and resistance to slag penetration. It has also been used in other products. In refractory materials. For example, using corundum and spinel as raw materials adds ferrosilicon nitride in the form of a fine powder; according to the transition plasticity theory, a low-cost anti-oxidation corrosion-resistant chromium-free refractory material with good corrosion resistance can be prepared. This refractory has excellent physical properties, good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance to molten steel, and can replace magnesia-chrome bricks in RH refining furnaces.
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