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What are the advantages of the new waterproof reinforced gypsum hollow wallboard?

wallpapers News 2021-04-09
The production process of the new lightweight gypsum hollow wallboard is simple. Compared with the production of general wallboard, it mainly has the following characteristics.
1. High production efficiency and low investment
As gypsum is a cementing material, its hardening and curing time is short, and a process can be completed every forty minutes to an hour on average. Two or three mold forming machines can realize industrial continuous production with relatively low investment.
2. Few cracking problems and low maintenance cost
Generally, the cracking of cement-based wallboards is most commonly caused by shrinkage. However, unlike cement, gypsum itself has the characteristics of micro-expansion. The problem of cracking is often relatively rare, so the subsequent maintenance costs are relatively low.
A new type of lightweight gypsum hollow wallboard, using the latest light gypsum wallboard foaming agent developed by Luoyang Tongrun Company. It is widely used in gypsum hollow walls and gypsum products. The foam is delicate and stable, the foam wall is thick, and it can be combined with gypsum. Well, it also has a retarding effect on gypsum. It is the ideal foaming agent for lightweight gypsum at present. The lightweight gypsum foaming agent is combined with gypsum to make the wall strong and low in water permeability.
The new lightweight gypsum hollow wall panel not only has superior performance but also has the same construction and installation technology as ordinary lightweight partition wall panels, so it has a very broad application prospect.
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