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Ina thrust ball bearing import ina bearing using oil lubrication advantages

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The advantage of oil lubrication of ina thrust ball bearing inlet ina bearing is a precision component, and its use must be carried out carefully accordingly. No matter how high performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly, they will not be expected to have high performance. So what is the method of bearing use? The following should be noted when using bearings:
1. Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean.
Even small dust that the eye can't see can bring bad effects to the bearings. So keep the surrounding clean so that dust does not invade ina bearings.
2. The use of bearing with care will cause the damage and indentation when bearing is strongly impacted in use. In serious cases, cracks and fractures will occur, so attention must be paid to.
3. Use appropriate operation tools
Avoid replacing with existing tools and proper tools must be used.
4. Pay attention to the corrosion of INA Bearing
When operating the bearings, the sweat on your hands can be the cause of rust. Pay attention to using clean hands. It is best to wear gloves as much as possible.
It is very important to understand the use method of bearings will have twice the effect of half the effort.
When the mechanical parts near the bearing have been lubricated with oil or need to be cooled by lubricating oil, the bearing shall be lubricated with oil. There may be heat dissipation requirements when the bearing is under heavy load or high speed, or when there is external heat transfer.
The micro lubrication method, such as oil drop lubrication, oil mist lubrication or oil-gas lubrication, can ensure that the loss of oil stirring and bearing friction are very small.
When air is used as carrier, it can supply oil directly and make air flow help seal.
INA Bearing speed is very high and need to cool the fruit well, can spray a large amount of lubricating oil directly to all contact surfaces.
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