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Take you to understand the zirconia ceramic filling pump quickly

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Zirconia ceramic filling pump has the characteristics of no pollution to the filling medium, no chemical reaction with drugs, accurate measurement, long service life, etc. It is widely used for the filling of liquid preparations such as water injection, freeze-dried powder injection, oral administration, external use, etc. Measurement. Here we will introduce what the advantages of filling pumps, ceramic materials, and precautions for choosing zirconia ceramic filling pumps are.

What is a filling pump?

The filling pump is a high-precision liquid filling pump, which is composed of metering components (ceramic pump sleeve, rotary valve, metering rod), stainless steel inlet and outlet nozzles and connectors, etc., and its product metering components are resistant to wear, corrosion, and resistance. High temperature new sealed zirconia ceramic material, precision processed.

The port of the rotary valve of the zirconia ceramic filling pump is aligned with the downward linear movement of the liquid inlet and the ceramic column to produce negative pressure, suction liquid, and the port of the rotary valve is aligned with the linear upward movement of the liquid outlet and the ceramic column, resulting in positive Press and discharge liquid.
Advantages of ceramic materials

Compared with metal materials, ceramic materials have the following advantages:

1. Ceramic materials are environmentally friendly materials, and the material properties fully comply with the hygienic grade requirements of food and pharmaceutical production standards.

2. The ceramic material has exceptionally high hardness and excellent wear resistance, and the ceramic filling pump wears very little during use.

3. The ceramic material has high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, which ensures that there is no damage to the pump itself during cleaning and high-temperature sterilization.

4. High filling accuracy, high-precision processing of ceramic materials, and the size of the behaviour are not easy to change during use, ensuring that the skill can meet the production requirements during the years of use.

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