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The importance of SKF rolling bearing seals

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The sealing of the bearings is to keep the rolling bearings in good lubrication conditions and normal working environment, give full play to the working performance of the bearings, and extend the service life. Rolling bearings must have suitable seals to prevent leakage of lubricant, dust and moisture. Or the intrusion of other dirt. SKF bearings seals can be divided into two types: independent seals and external seals. The so-called self-sealing bearings is to make the bearings itself a device with sealing performance. Such as bearings belts. This kind of seal occupies a small space, is convenient to install and disassemble, and has a relatively low cost.
The so-called bearing external sealing performance device is a sealing device with various performances manufactured inside the mounting end cover.
When selecting SKF rolling bearings with external seals, the following main factors should be considered:
(1) Bearing lubricants and types;
(2) The working environment of the bearing and the size of the space occupied;
(3) The advantages of the shaft support structure and the allowable angular deviation;
(4) The circumferential speed of the sealing surface;
(5) Operating temperature of the bearing;
(6) Manufacturing cost.
Thickeners are also related to lubricants. Grease water thickener determines the resistance of water. In principle, grease should not be mixed with other brands. Even thickener greases will influence each other due to different additives. To apply a layer of anti-rust oil on the bearing, it must be carefully cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, and then coated with clean high-quality or high-speed high-temperature grease before installation. Enclosed bearings do not require clean fuel.
During use, SKF rolling bearings are often monitored externally, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurement conditions. These regular inspections can detect potential problems early and prevent the machine from stopping unexpectedly, so that the production plan can be realized and the productivity and efficiency of the factory can be improved.
During operation, the correct bearing needs to be relubricated to improve its performance. The lubrication methods of SKF bearings are divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to give full play to the functions of rolling bearings, first of all, suitable conditions must be selected according to the lubrication method. If only lubrication is considered, oil lubrication is the main choice. However, it is possible to simplify the professional grease for the structure around the bearing.

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