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The characteristics of international sea freight liner transport


The international carriage of goods by sea shipping refers to the act that the carrier carries the goods consigned by the shipper from one port to another port by sea in accordance with the provisions of the contract of carriage of goods by sea.

International Ocean Freight is the most important mode of transportation in international trade. More than two-thirds of the total volume of international trade is carried by Ocean Freight, and most of China's import and export goods are carried by Ocean Freight.


The characteristics of international sea freight liner transport


A. Characteristics of liner transport:

(l) Liner transport has fixed dates, routes, ports of call and relatively fixed freight rates;

(2) Liner freight includes handling charges, so port loading and unloading of liner shall be undertaken by the ship shipping;

(3) The number of cargo carried by liner is relatively flexible, and cargo owners book space according to demand, which is especially suitable for the transportation of general cargo and container cargo.

B. Liner freight.

Liner freight is specified in the liner schedule and includes basic freight and various surcharges.

Basic freight is divided into two categories: one is the traditional freight of groceries; One is container rate.

Sundry goods also have to collect freight by commodity price or number. For bulk low-value goods, the freight rate can be negotiated between the ship and the cargo.

Liner freight surcharges are various, including; Excess length surcharge, excess weight surcharge, optional discharging Port surcharge, change of discharging port surcharge, fuel surcharge, congestion surcharge, deflection surcharge, transshipment surcharge and direct surcharge, etc.

In addition to the aforesaid sea freight charges, the container transportation charges shall also include related service charges and equipment usage charges.

In addition, the liner company will charge the freight of different goods mixed in the same package according to the higher charge. If the shipper fails to state the gross weight and volume respectively according to different packages, the freight shall be charged at a higher rate for the whole bill of lading. If there are two or more different names of goods in the same bill of lading, if the shipper fails to state the gross weight and volume respectively, the higher rate shall be charged.

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